8 Reasons why your natural hair won’t grow

Everyone goes natural thinking in a two days they will have waist length hair, lets pump the brakes Rapunzel..

Lets be rational here. There are ways to increase hair growth, but to actually grow your hair like Rapunzel in a week would take a few bundles. I’m going to make this short and sweet and get to listing, since I know that’s what you came here for.

Tip #1

Your hair is dry, brittle, crusty.. Just kidding, well not really. Dry hair is one of the main causes for breakage. When your hair is dry and malnourished it gives advantage to split ends, which obviously destroys your hair from the bottom up. There are many oils that nourish you hair and not just sit on top of your hair, such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, etc. These penetrate your hair shaft, creating moisture, making your hair less susceptible to damage.

Tip #2

The block is hot. Stay away from the heat lil mama. Excessive heat brings on dry hair as well as damaged ends. But you knew that though. Look, nobody loves the silky straight, hair down the back, “no, Im natural it’s not a perm” look more than me; but there’s a time in our lives where we have to choose the salad over the taco (not that I could ever imagine neglecting a perfectly good taco). Figuratively speaking choose the healthy choice for hair’s sake!

Tip #3

Caress your body……of tresses of course. Spend time massaging your scalp, and detangling your hair. Many people praise finger detangling , however for me that never worked and my curls thoroughly made me pay for it with frizz and other types of disasters, so wide tooth combs are my friend. (If finger detangling works for you keep it up, that’s just my personal opinion.)

Tip #4

Water = Life. If you know me I hate drinking water, but love to swim. Although your hair thrives with water on the outside. Water on the inside is a powerful vehicle for hair growth. A poor diet and lack of water can be the reason that natural hair page on IG haven’t featured you yet. Drinking more water and ditching the fast food can boost the growth of your hair tremendously. Your body praises you for every good deed, trust me. I was a health nut for about 6 months and my hair skin and nails thanked me more than biotin, or hairfinity ever did. Fast forward to 5 minutes ago I just finished two glasses of fruit punch, to wash down my wingstop. My, how times have changed.

Tip #5

Break up to make up. Trim those pesky ends, girl! Let it go like an ex with no car who bums on his best friends couch. Those ends are useless!  I may be the only person I know that LOVES a good trim. Maybe it’s because I know my hair grows like a weed after because there’s no dead/split ends to hinder it.Studies suggest that a trim every three months is necessary. I’m not sure if I agree with the time frame, depending on how well you care for your hair but I do know its a must. Think of it as having a run in your stocking. Would you just let the run take a trip up your leg until you have to throw it away? Or, would you nip it in the bud. Even a gardener has to prune a plant so it can grow to its full potential, ya know?

Tip #6

Your moisturizer lack moisture. It may seem like an ‘aha’ moment, but when buying a moisturizer the first ingredient is the most prevalent. If the first ingredient is water then water is the majority, however the farther down on the list, the less it is in the product. So if you think the moisturizer is leaving your hair greasy , or still leaving it feeling coarse, you may just be right!

Tip #7

You shampoo like you change your underwear. Contrary to belief, a consistently clean scalp can hinder your hair growth. You hair secretes essential oils your hair needs to be healthy and to thicken. Of course a sufate-free shampoo is always recommended, but for me personally, I shampoo once every two weeks. Truthfully sometimes once a month. I condition my hair frequently and make sure to follow the LOC method (leave-in, oil , cream).

Tip #8

Your making your natural hair unnatural, often. I love a good sew in. Well I do, but my hair doesn’t, it thins out my hair; but I like the way they look. But, let’s be honest, not every girl who wears sew-ins takes them out in a reasonable amount of time. You have to care for your hair if you really want to see results. Think of the stress you put with super tight braid patterns, then pulling a tight string around to secure them. Some stylist make the braids thin around the perimeter and extra stress can cause your hair to thin. Not to mention, when you let time go by, your braids become distant from your scalp and when you brush your hair you’re pulling your braids. When I was transitioning, I was a lace wearing, wig making queen. One for every day of the week. The good news is I could take off the wig, oil my hair, wet it, do whatever I needed to make sure my hair was still alive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti- sew in! When done properly and in moderation, it could be useful to your hair. So if you wear one every month all month, most likely you are damaging your hair more than treating it. So if you HAVE to wear a sew-in make sure you still giving your hair a much needed weave vacation time.

I hope this helps may the growth odds forever be in your favor.



*all information is subjective and may change depending on the texture or actual persons.




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